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Worktop Corner Mitre Joint

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Someone asked this question recently and this is my response to it.

what is the best way to get a 45 degree cut on a corner to corner mitre on laminated worktop?

Not sure why you would want to mitre a corner joint on worktop instead of doing a Butt & Scribe joint but will answer your question.

I will assume you have a good quality half-inch collet router as that is the best tool to get a good edge on laminate.

Fit one worktop back against the wall and into the corner in it’s final position. Then get the second worktop and rest it in it’s final position into the corner but resting on top of the first one, so they overlap at 90 degrees, and support the other end of the top worktop with a 38mm packer underneath.

At the front where the two worktops cross over put a piece of masking tape on the bottom worktop. Now with a square mark a pencil line at the cross over point.

Remove the top worktop and then put some more masking tape on the surface right into the corner so that the corner can be marked on the masking tape.

Join the two points and then put a straight edge along the line but set back by the difference between the 30mm router collet and the 12.7mm cutter. This is usually 8.5 mm

Now router the joint, in stages, until the joint is complete.

Now place the worktop back into it’s final position and put the second piece back on top. Now mark underneath along the first cut onto the underside of the second piece of worktop.

Now mark back from this line 8.5mm and set the straight edge up and cut from the postform edge to give you the second cut. The great thing about this method is it works no matter what the angle of the corner is.

Finally mark out the position for the worktop bolt holes underneath and machine them out. Then glue and bolt the two pieces of worktop together.


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