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Poor Worktop Joints! And How To avoid Them.

April 18th, 2010 No comments

Have you ever tried to fit worktop joints and could not get them right?

Below is a question that I came across which was posted on a forum for kitchen fitters and my reply to it. As it is a common problem I thought I would post it on my site to allow others to gain from the reply.


Fitted more worktop joints today and wondering where I'm going wrong. The walls were miles off yet I managed to angle the male and female cut slightly to create a good joint. I test fitted and all seemed well. I then quickly added in some colourfill and tightened the joint up. I was left with a 1mm gap along the joint and after the colourfill had set it seemed to leave a slightly white mark all along the joint. I had used the solvent on it yet it still remained.

Not sure where I am going wrong, anyone any ideas?

My answer,

I never machine more than 3 complete worktop joints with a new or freshly ground/sharpened cutter.

Sometimes what can happen when the cutter is worn or the feed of the router along the jig is too fast or too deep to start with is that when going through the laminate the cutter will pull itself into the worktop.

Then when you adjust the depth of cut for the next pass the cut is just in chipboard so will not pull the cutter in so much meaning there may be a slight step in the cut.
If not corrected this would leave a slight gap in the joint.

If a new cutter is used, with only sensible amounts taken off with each pass, with a constant slow feed, and the router pulled along the jig without turning, there should be no reason for a poor joint.

Just recently I spoke with the managing director of Topform HIB jigs, who were the original inventors of the worktop jig 25 years ago. She commented that even with a new jig and router etc there is still a chance of poor worktop joints depending on how the well job is marked out and machined.

P.S. I am well and truly in the silicone camp as to what to put in the joint. I cannot comment on PVA, as I have never used it. Tried colorfill many years ago on one joint and had an ugly line as it does not squeeze out to a very thin line, so I took it apart and used silicone

Poor Worktop Joints by Ray Brock

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