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Joining the worktops 






Joining The Worktops By Ray Brock – The Seasoned Kitchen Fitter.

Joining the worktops. If you click on the word "Click Play" below it will take you through to an audio of me talking about joining the worktops. It is better to read about joining the worktops in my guide, but the audio is a good way to listen when out walking, etc.

Click play (the grey arrow) to listen to an audio excerpt from "Fit That Kitchen" Like A Pro on joining the worktops.


~ Ray Brock 

Ray Brock
"The Seasoned Kitchen Fitter"
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  1. admin
    May 27th, 2011 at 10:21 | #1

    Hi Gus, Thank you for your purchase I am glad you are now putting your knowledge to good use.

    The movement you mention wont have any adverse effect on the result of the machined joint and can be used to your advantage.when machining the joint in stages, as described in my book.

    Keep the Router tight against the side that is farthest away from the edge being cut whilst you go down through the different depths of the cut.

    Then on the final cut hold the router tight against the other side of the groove so that you not only cut the last piece but you are planing the previous cut edges to give a completely smooth clean edge.

    I hope this explains it ok for you.

    Kind Regards.

    Ray Brock

  2. Gus
    May 26th, 2011 at 17:53 | #2

    Hi Ray, just bought your dvd and a handbook and getting ready for my first kitchen)) The question a have for you is: my new makita router has about 0.5-1mm movement when its in a jig, does it have to be that way or should it sit tight in place?

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