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Radius End To A Breakfast Bar

November 16th, 2009 2 comments

Radius end to a breakfast bar.

Below is a post on a popular forum for kitchen fitters and my reply to it.

Has anyone got any advice for a way of cutting radius end to a breakfast bar without breaking out and splintering the profiled end?

Its not a problem for a normal 600mm work top because you can flip the work top over to get it so you cut into the profiled edge first.

I've done a fair few work tops before but i've never had to do a double ended breakfast bar and don't want to make a pigs ear of it.


I always use the trammel method on my router when putting a radius end to a breakfast bar.

Mark a line down the centre of the breakfast bar(all marking out done on masking tape). Then workout where the curve starts and ends and Draw a line across the worktop to join these two marks.

where this line crosses the centre line measure towards the end of the worktop how much curve ie 150 m/m is needed.

From that point draw a line to the start and end marks. Bisect these two lines and with a roofing square on the bisected point draw a 90 degree line towards the centre line and where the lines cross is the pivot point of the trammel bar.

Router three quarters of the way around ( do a shallow cut and jigsaw away the waste ) and then turn the worktop over and reset the trammel and finish off.

With this method no jigs need to be made and you can do any curve. I have only given a brief outline here as it would take too much space to give a bit by bit explanation but it is easier in practice than it may sound here.

This is only a brief outline. A full explanation can be read in my "Fit That Kitchen Like A Pro" guide and seen on the accompanying DVD'S.

radius end to a breakfast bar by Ray Brock

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